Landmark Projects

“Goals are dreams with deadlines.”

Fisherman’s Landing, San Diego

The America’s Cup Harbor project included enhancement of the waterfront promenade while reinforcing the existing sea wall. Construction consisted of a new radius sheet pile retaining wall with concrete cap. The new walls included several decorative elevated public viewing decks that were cast around driven concrete pilings. In addition, concrete seating areas were constructed for public harbor viewing. Porcelain and stainless steel display signage was placed for habitat information. Entrance signage was installed with large stainless steel fish wire wheel etched to produce a natural “fish scale” appearance. Concrete pavement included depiction of local fish species in the sandblasted, acid-stained technique known as Arte Povera.


The Pedestrian Bridge at Parking Structure #4 included demolition and grading for bridge abutments and sidewalk ramps, construction of 60-foot columns, 202-linear foot precast bridge segments, sidewalks, retaining walls, handrails and lighting as well as irrigation system and landscaping. Riha selected EFCO round column forms and Plate Girder® forms to complete this challenging project.


200 Palm Canyon Drive, Borrego Springs

This critically important visitors’ center was created to support and encourage the preservation and appreciation of the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. A 7,000 square foot cool rock-insulated structure which is primarily constructed underground, the Visitor Center contains a theatre which offers continual video presentations about the unique surrounding geological landscape as well as specialized courses in wildlife, plants, geology, fossils and preservation. Designed specifically to avoid encroachment or interference with this unique and fragile area but being able to accommodate a large quantity of tourists and visitors was a challenge. 

5960 El Camino Real, Carlsbad

2009 AGC Merit Award Winner “Unique Small Project”

This 7,000 sq. ft. pre-engineered steel building was erected covering a new tipping floor and 200 sq. ft. “loadout” port. The tipping floor required 18” thick, sloped concrete slab and concrete push walls embedded with half-inch thick steel wear plates. The loadout port is an extension to the tipping slab. It consists of a 21” thick supported slab under which 18-wheel semi-trucks are parked and loaded by caterpillar front-end loaders. A vehicle “queuing” lane entrance was added off a city street and visual screening of the facility via landscaped earth dykes with a new truck scale and scale house. Construction could not impede the daily flow of 1,100 tons of waste material, including 200 collector trucks and 40 semi-trailer trucks.

8184 Commercial Street, La Mesa

This unique project included construction of a pre-engineered metal building with pre-formed metal walls forming an attractive exterior design including two types of wall panels: a smooth panel used on both the building’s upper and lower wall sections and a deep fluted panel used across the wall’s middle section to create a contrasting band of hue and texture. This solid waste transfer station and recovery facility, which includes various loadout ports and conveyors, is situated in the City of La Mesa and positioned on a steep hillside with a 43-foot elevation change, and contains an enormous 61,900 square feet. At a height of 45-feet, it required architectural design demanding not only seismic consideration but sensitivity to the building’s scale and location. The project received an award from the American Society of Civil Engineers. Photo courtesy Pablo Mason. 

1902 Gatchell Road, Point Loma

Included is construction of a second story office addition, approximately 4,282 sq. ft., over a portion of the Pt. Loma existing maintenance building structure, plus structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical demolition and remodeling of portions of the existing building. The new construction, including remodeling, with fire sprinklers and steel frame construction, metal studs with gypsum board on interior, stucco on exterior, and insulated built-up roof over steel decking. The work includes site, concrete, metals, wood and plastics, thermal and moisture protection, doors and windows, finishing, specialties, equipment, furnishings, hydraulic elevator, mechanical and electrical/signal work.


4345 Otay Mesa Road, San Ysidro

This building is a versatile, radial facility featuring a raised stage at its center. The structure’s unique design emphasizes flexibility with multiple-usage spaces that can accommodate two separate functions at one time or be combined for one larger event. It also includes a hybrid indoor-outdoor dining patio covered by a translucent skylight panel system and contains a large food preparation kitchen. Work included a single building with a floor area of 28,000 sq. ft.  Construction is concrete slab on grade, steel and wood frame walls, and steel and wood frame roof construction. The roofs are covered with built-up roofing, metal roofing and translucent skylight systems; the exterior finish is stucco plaster, and typical interior finishes are drywall and ceramic tile. Photo courtesy Pablo Mason.

2710 Manchester Avenue, Encinitas

2009 AGC First Place Winner of “Unique Small Project
(less than $3 Million) Public Work

Nestled in the banks of the San Elijo Lagoon, a brackish water coastal area, is the Nature Center. An unusual, environmentally-sensitive structure, it was built using sustainable features such as “green” roof, recycled materials, low VOC materials, photovoltaic panels and energy-efficient lighting. The building itself serves as a component of the education it features and contains interactive exhibits, historical photography and topographic maps. Walls were made with materials regionally harvested and regionally manufactured for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design accreditation. The project was subsequently awarded LEED Platinum status. Photo courtesy Pablo Mason.


2351 Cardinal Lane, San Diego

New construction of 12,600 sq. ft. Central Freezer Project which includes 10,500 Sq. ft of (minus)-10 holding freezer and 2100 sq. ft. 38 F. degree refrigerated loading dock. Project includes five loading bays with insulated dock shelters and a separate 500 sq. ft. refrigerated Prep Room for breakdown of products and a forklift charging station. Building design features the latest technologies in refrigeration management and energy efficiency including: LED lights, white cool roof, 10” thick insulated walls and roof, fast acting automatic doors, sub cooling compressors, variable speed compressors, condenser and evaporator fans.